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POSEIDON - Splash Guard

Product Description

    The Luxway Poseidon frameless splash guard eliminates water splashing out of the bathtub when using a shower curtain, whilst maintaining a luxurious look. You can match the Poseidon with your own favourite curtain to personalise your own shower space.

  • Features a side panel and a curtain rod, which allows you to customise the curtain any way you want
  • The shelve allows easier access to your toiletries; the hook allows you to reach your towel easily
  • Frameless design offers a stylish look to your bathtub
  • Design is reversible and can be installed with the opening on the left or right
  • 1/4-in thick clear certified tempered glass
  • Includes chrome finished hardware
  • Our EasyClean Glass Coating reduces water, limescale and dirt build up
  • Allows up to 10mm(inches?) adjustment for out-of-plumb walls for the glass panel
  • The 60-in curtain rod can be extended by up to 20mm, or trimmed to any size
  • The curtain is not included with the product

Features and specifications
Product code: Width: Rod Length: Height:
SB0415-LUX-11 60”-60 3/4” 12”-12 3/8” 59”